Saturday, August 4, 2007

Short Message

This page is an attempt to gather if not all, the majority of websites, discussion groups and other materials initiated, maintained and read by Filipino Masons. Since the activities of currently listed sites ebbs and flows, the compiler will greatly appreciate any further corrections and words from our Brethren.

Please use the comment feature of this posting for any update. Thank You.


docz said...

Please add:

Anonymous said...

Additional Websites:

Bagumbayan Lodge No.4 (MWGLP)
Pagkakaisa Lodge No. 282 (MWGLP)
Taga-ilog Lodge No. 79 (MWGLP)
Dadiangas Lodge No. 225 (MWGLP)
Masonic District NCR-F (MWGLP)
High Twelve Lodge No. 82 (MWGLP)
Maguindanao Lodge No. 40 (MWGLP)
Andres Bonifacio Lodge No. 199 (MWGLP)

Anonymous said...

This is such a worthy endeavor. Congratulations my Brother.

Please accept this my unsolicited suggestion, it would be better for browsing convenience, to separate the categories for (Masonic Lodges) Websites and the Forum or Egroups on the left sidebar menu.

More Power to you.

Anonymous said...

Philippine DeMolay Websites

Serafin V. Aguilar Chapter
Eugenio A. Antonio Jr. Chapter
Apolinario Mabini Chapter
Werner P. Schetelig Chapter
Mt. Musuan Chapter

Anonymous said...

to the site administrator, many thanks for including "sir invictus" and "song, poems, essays and quotes" to your list. yes, the administrator knows for sure that the masonic factor will always be present in whatever i write, whether scientific or fiction. please have patience with the novel "sir invictus". only in stable health can i go on writing. am so glad that we have so many websites and blogs now. long live authentic freemasonry! long live genuine filipino freemasonry!

alfredo ferrer
forever a student in freemasonry

Anonymous said...

new site for isarog lodge #33

FilMasons NSW said...

Please include in your listings:

Filipino Freemasons (Club) Association of New South Wales, Inc. Australia

FilMasons of NSW, Inc. Blogazine


Bro Mario Baylon, Jr
Lincoln Lodge #34, O C
now in Sydney Australia

nonoy said...

feb. 23, 2008

Dear Sir,

How can I join in katipunan ng mga mason here in the Philippines?
What are the requirement?

Thank you!

Very Truly yours,

RmOlano said...

I inherited this blog from Bro ApoM "who have gone this way before." Send me the link to your website or blog and I will add it to the listing. Thank you for taking time to browse the Katipunan ng mga Mason.

Anonymous said...

Fraternal Greetings,

Please be informed that we have changed our website from to the new URL address w/c is

Can you Please update these changes,

Thank you so much,


FilMasons NSW said...

Kuyang Ollie,

Please also include the T R Yangco IOD blog site:

Am still trying to contact the junior members of our Chapter. So for now most postings are from Senior DeMolays.

big_berto said...

this is a wonderful weork kuya. congratulations! please include our blog

there are also 2 more recently launched web sites in nueva ecija

thanks and regards!

kuya shubert (model 373, philippines)

Freddie said...

My Worthy Brother Rudy,

A Blessed New Year to you and family! I hope that all is well with you there. I am doing fine here with the ups and downs of my health and am always reading all your articles and contributions in various masonic fora. May Yahweh bless us all this 2010!



Macario R. Ramos Memorial Lodge No. 355 said...

please add

macario r. ramos memorial lodge #355


bro. taptap abellanosa said...



congratulations to the web master of this site. kindly include my beloved lodge, Cagayan de Oro Lodge No. 298, with it's address at


bro. taptap abellanosa

Anonymous said...

Worthy Brother,
can you please add
the official website of Jose Abad Santos Memorial Lodge 333

Thank you.
Bro. Joey